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WW1 1918 Erfurt with Matching Magazine, Tool and Holster Rig

Unmessed-with Imperial Erfurt example, 9mm, all matching including one mag (other is from era but unmarked), and all parts have last two "38" of the serial number.

Bluing about an 90+%, markings highlighted in crayon (easily removed with brush), scattered patina and holster wear in usual places, bore VG, no import marks.

Serviceable 1918 marked holster and Imperial tool; nice solid Parabellum just as the WW1 veteran brought the set home!


Outstanding Very Late WW2 German-Belgian P.35 "Hi Power" Pistol

Non-import marked, 97+% condition, 9 mm, WaA, sn on all the parts that should, correct authentic late brown plastic grips, excellent bore, with period holster and two split-bottom mags!

Late coarse machining and blue, few scuffs, some holster wear to sharp edges, unmarked mags original to the piece seem a little rougher, 44 dated holster is EX, few scuffs.

Rare opportunity for a neat original late-war vet bringback rig!


Very Fine WW1 German Army Artillery Luger

DWM 1917, 92% condition, bore VG, original tight and serviceable condition, 60% straw, couple of areas of light patina, wear on the edges.

9mm, all Imperial matching parts incl. grips, except unnumbered authentic mag from era, ready for your shoulder stock.

Nice vet bring back with no import marks- really hard to find Great War firearm!


Authentic WW2 ZF4 Wooden Box as Pictured in Rough Forged

This is the exact box seen several times in Volume II, from Darrin Weaver's personal collection. Absolutely authentic and you'll never, ever have to worry about authenticity!

Original Blue/Gray Paint, severl chips and scuffs in fiberboard, WaA smudged as often the case, has the L on the catch, serviceable (see photos).

There's just a few dozen real ones left in the world, this is right out of the book!


Last Ditch Late WW2 German-Polish Radom P.35

Scarce late "B" block with wooden grips, all matching, all original to include correct mag. Grips both marked WaA623 on interior and absolutely original to this sidearm, No import marks, serviceable, bore VG, plethora of WaA 77 and 623 stamps!

Seen some holster wear and phos/blue finish thinning as shown. Finish prob 80% with a few freckles. Seen some holster wear and use.

This one is a good solid representative example and just as the vet brought it home!


Authentic Walther-Made Developmental WW2 G.43 Magazine with Stamped/Hooked Tab

You'll be the only collector with one of these, as it's the only one. Serial number 9, or iteration 9, directly from the Walther, Zella-Mehlis Tool Room.

Half "in-the-white", half phosphate, condition as shown, some scuffs, scratches, finish loss as shown. No other markings other than the scrawled "9".

Formerly of the Sturgess and later, Weaver collection. Exact magazine seen in Chapter 10 of Rough Forged!


Rare Early Walther 480 Code P.38 All Matching

Serviceable, everything functions, 9 mm, very early text book example, priced about half of what these usually bring due to the below, all matching to include the mag, 9 mm, correct authentic grips original to the gun, bore VG!

Holster wear in usual places, the barrel and slide have been touched up with cold-blue, markings highlighted in crayon, couple of freckles on muzzle, right front triggerguard and top of slide, few light scratches (see photos).

Not perfect, but you know how scarce these are. Worthy of restoration or leave as is to fill that hard to find hole in your collection!


Wow! Super Early WW2 Slotted German-Polish Radom P.35

Scarce "D" block with shoulder stock slot, first few guns assembled and marked by Germans under occupation from Polish parts, all matching, all original to include correct mag. No import marks, bore VG!

1941 production. Seen some holster wear and blue finish thinning as shown. Finish prob 93%. Seen some holster wear and use but this presents very well.Markings highlighted in crayon, easily removed.

Comes with period correct, serviceable holster dated 1941, WaA and "P.35(p). Scarce, and a rare opportunity to fill that whole in your Radom collection!


Authentic WWII German WaA 359 Mount and Voightlander ZF4 with Scope Cover

Absolutely genuine, phosphated squared-off mount with ZF.4, overall VG+-EX condition, ca. 97% scope and mount, real dowels, bands, screws, see pics, serviceable, all correct, just as the vet brought it home!

Has original early-ish black leather cover (repaired, shows a fair amount of wear) and original windage knob cover that both came home with it, ZF.4 optics are pretty clear and everything functions.

Will come with a certificate of authenticity from Weaver and lifetime guarantee. These complete rigs will only skyrocket in price over time!


Scarce Opportunity: Walther ac44 G.43 Rifle pictured in Rough Forged Volume II

Vet bring-back, "i" block, everything that should matches to include complete bolt group & stock, not import marked, mid-late mix of blued and scattered phosphate finish, bore excellent with strong lands and grooves.

Comes with nice "aye" mag. Has some scattered scratches, dings, and small blemish area. 95% condition. Stock has very, very light "BERLIN" scratched into it on left. See pics. Neat end of war capture.

Weaver bought this directly from the vet's family decades ago. In overall nice original bring-back condition, and rifle and features used repeatedly on several pages of Vol II!


Exceptional WW2 1940 Mauser Banner Police P.08

99% original condition, Everything matches to include the magazine, original serviceable condition, couple of areas of light wear on the edges, 1940, correct Eagle/L marked.

Non-import marked, 9mm, bore EX, S/42 barrel, grips excellent, action tight, correct blued steel mag body with "1", SN, and "i" SN suffix.

Nice vet bring back for the advanced Luger collector, would be almost impossible to upgrade and the highlight of many a collection!


WW2 Very Early Belgian Army Hi-Power P.35

Probably captured by the Germans and reissued as was, 96+% hi-polish blue, 9 mm, Belgian Army proofs, excellent bore

All matching, correct original early mag, original grips, and a bit of holster wear on the high points

Scarce, nice vet bring-back and an early one when fit and finish was extraordinary!


Early Authentic WWII WaA 359 Mount and Voightlander ZF4 with Scope Cover

Absolutely genuine, blued mount, fairly early ZF.4, overall VG+ condition, ca. 95% scope and mount, real blue and phosphate mix of dowels, bands, screws, see pics, serviceable, all correct, just as the vet brought it home!

Has original early-ish black leather cover (repaired) and original windage knob cover that both came home with it, ZF.4 optics are hazy and this scope should be cleaned internally.

Will come with a certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee. These will only skyrocket in price next year when Weaver's "Rough Forged" (Hitler's Garands revision) hits the market!


Amazing 1940/44 Mauser Tool Room Luger P.08

No Serial Number or Firing Proof. Barrel and many small parts marked "42", "UB" in at least three locations as well as the Mauser stylized "RW" rework mark, one "44" mark (this is presumably the date of assembly or perhaps rework), overall EX condition, all correct, not import marked!

Made using a 1940 slide, the "42" referring to Mauser (well-documented and seen on replacement parts), has what appears to be a matching "42" mag, late authentic Black Widow grips, bore VG-EX, some light blue loss on grip frame, sharp edges, but this is in

Just as the vet brought home, near impossible to upgrade! This is one of those pistols used internally in the factory to check function or ammo ballistics, etc. These are well-documented and this would be the prize of many WWII Luger collections!


Very Rare 1920-30s Ithaca "Auto and Burglar Gun Holster"

Authentic gangster-era long holster for the Ithaca double-barrel smoothbore pistol marketed as the "Auto and Burglar Gun". The A&BG was a standard double-barrel shotgun with a pistol grip, and barrels shortened to about 10"-12.2" in length.

GD condition, A little stiffness, some staining and crazing of surface, stiching loose on the end cap piece, couple of scuffs and scratches, otherwise very fine.

Used by bank guards, police departments, watchmen and messengers, Ithaca stopped making the A&BG in 1934 when it became subject to the $200 tax stamp under the GCA. The gun is rare, the holster is even rarer!!


Authentic Mid-WWII WaA 359 ZF.4 Mount with Bands, Screws, Dowels

This is absolutely genuine, mid-war production features, overall excellent condition, ca. 98%, all authentic- see pics, comes with WW2 bands, screws, dowels.

Super nice, deserves a minty mid-late war ZF.4, WaA 359, SN 429, overall couple of minute scuffs and scratches only!

Rare opportunity to purchase a nice mount and bands, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. You'll never have to wonder if this mount is real!


Test Fired Only Spectacularly Original ac44 "Panel Cut" K.43

Near factory condition, all correct, not import marked, unmessed with example of the very last K.43s produced near the end of the war. Certain I am the first one to disassemble, photgraphed and did no cleaning or alteration, All of the late features- mixed phosphate/blue, reverse 45 carrier with no wear, all matching, bore and matching bolt group just about as it left the factory!

Most metal was protected with cosmoline, except for a couple of areas. Several storage and handling dings on stock, action still has cosmoline, scattered slight areas of browning on band, rear sight, buttplate door, stock has no SN, just WaA359 on the wrist and left butt, typical late chattermarks, original handguard shows almost no powder residue!

Near impossible to upgrade! These will only skyrocket in price later this year when the HG revision "Rough Forged" comes out! Excellent phosphate "aye"mag, original manual and spare parts that came home with it! It's as original a set as you will find on the market today and would be the prize of any WWII German collection!



Email darrin@historicalparts.com if ordering and it will be reserved for 3 days. Payment to:

HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, TX. 76524


I guarantee every item we sell. Every deal. Every single time. You have my word on it!

W. Darrin Weaver

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