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German Wartime Scopes

We at HPC are frequently asked about which or what scope is which and is it wartime, is it post war, etc.? Below you will find a synopsis of the scopes available prior to and during the war. One should purchase and read "Sniper Variations of the K98k" by Richard Law. As most of us know, there was a severe shortage of telescope-sighted rifles at the beginning of the war. Briefly though, just about any German pre-war and wartime military and commercial optical sight may have found its way on a number of authentic K98k sniper rifles, as most were rounded up by the National Socialist regime for just that purpose.

Zeiss Zielklein: 2.25 power magnification, available prior to the war, typically found on small caliber rifles such as KKWs and other .22 cal rifles.

The Zeiss Zeilklein.

Zeiss Zielvier: 4 power magnification, available prior to the war, the most frequently found commercial scope mated to wartime sniper rifles. Many made by Zeiss, but a number of other companies made the same pattern scope to wartime specs (such as the Hensoldt Dialytan and others).

The Zeiss Zeilvier.

Zeiss Zielsechs: 6 power magnification, available prior to the war, typically found on longer range sporting rifles and many fitted to wartime K98 sniper rifles.

The Zeiss Zeilsechs.

ZF41: 1.5 power magnification, developed as more of a "sighting aid" than a true sniper telescopic sight, fitted to K98/ZF41 rifles, numerous wartime manufacturers.

The ZF41.

ZF4 (Voightlander): 4 power magnification, developed as the standard scope for the G/K43 series of rifles, later tested on the StG44 and K98k (Swept-back mount), three watime manufacturers.

The ZF4.

Hensoldt Dural-Dialytan: 4 power magnification, available after the war, same design as the Zeiss Zielsechs, but made of lighter weight alloy. Found on post-war sporting rifles.

The Hensoldt Dural-Dialytan.

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