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Authentic WWII-Vietnam M1 Carbine Magazine Pouch

Have several NOS-Excellent authentic M1 Carbine double magazine pouches, used in WWII-Vietnam, all made by Rainier Bell

OD green, USGI, double belt loop in back, been in storage for many years.

Excellent opportunity for the collector, reenactor or shooter!


Fine US-Canadian 1905 Ross Rifle

Accurate, innovative .303 Brit, straight pull design, this example is all matching and has Canadian and US/Flaming Bomb markings (wrist), micrometer sight, full length configuration.

No import marks, overall VG condition, few dings and scratches to metal here and there, some browning, bore VG, everything functions and serviceable.

See pics- This is one of the 20,000 Ross Rifles the US bought during WW1. It's a tough rifle to find in all original condition with these markings!

On Hold

Authentic WWII S&W Victory Model Cleaning Rods

Have two original unopened boxes with labels holding five (5) wartime copper-washed rods as used by the US and UK in WW2

One of the boxes shows "5" and the other originally printed as "10" and then crossed off and "5" written above. Neither is dated.

Both boxes in about the same condition, $60 each, or if you buy both boxes for $120, will throw in the single rod shown for free (11 total)


WWII USGI M1 Carbine Magazines

VG, used, serviceable condition, all about 90+% finish, markings vary, all common but I'll handpick if you want

Most blued, few phosphate, Have several in stock

Getting harder to find!


WWII USGI M1 Carbine Magazine Covers

GD, used, serviceable condition, still pliable, black rubber

Have several in stock

Keep the rain and dirt out!



VG, used, serviceable condition, all about 95+% finish, markings vary, most "B&S" w/ordnance bomb

Straight out of the cosmoline, includes bolt shroud, spring and extractor collar only

Phosphate/blue. Have several in stock!


US Rifle Grenade Sight, Complete

NOS (New, Old Stock), unissued USGI, correct for the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine and 1903 Springfield Rifle

Each is still in original waxed paper, with instruction sheet and authentic USGI OD canvas belt case

Perfect for restorations, WW2 reenactors, etc!. Sold "each".


US 1903 & 1903A3 Tools

USGI, slightly used, correct for the WWI and WWII 1903 Springfield Rifles

Various markings, some blued, some phosphated (specify which you want)

Perfect for shooters, reenactors, etc!.


US 1903A3 Front Sight Hoods

USGI, slightly used, correct for the WWII 1903A3 Springfield Rifles

Various markings, phosphated, some storage patina

Perfect for shooters, reenactors, etc!.


US 1903 & 1903A3 Pull Through/Jag

USGI, new or slightly used, correct for the WWI and WWII 1903 Springfield Rifles

Brass, wrapped with brown pull through cord, some marked

Perfect for shooters, reenactors, etc!.


Excellent Vet Estate WW2 USGI 1911 Holster and Web Belt

EX condition, correct natural brown, little wear, "GRATON & KNIGHT CO." with EX condition 1942 Belt.

Had a mint Radom in it when bought, true bring-back, couple of scuffs and scratches, otherwise very fine.

Honestly- you're not going to find one as choice as this for your expensive wartime 1911A1!


WW2 USGI S&W Victory Model Revolver

.38, phosphate about 97%, Smith & Wesson, US PROPERTY GHD marked, no import marks

All correct, original finish, couple of tiny dings, scratches to grips, bore VG-EX

Hard to upgrade this one!


Early Inland WW2 M1 Carbine

.30 Caliber, 96% exterior condition, all correct early features. Mint bore. Correct safety, correct trigger group. Early type magazine catch, "AI" mag. Flip up rear sight.

Stock has few slight dings/scratches, vet ever so lightly scratched IMH in stock, wood is otherwise clean and solid, some light browning in areas, Inland 11-43 marked barrel, NOS sling/oiler.

Just a super original unmessed with WW2 example that is all correct. No import marks!


WWI Rock Island Arsenal 1903 Springfield Rifle

Parkerized arsenal finish with blued bolt, .30-06, overall nice example

.30-06, bore excellent (RIA 2-17), comes with period sling.

This is an early one!


Scarce Original WW2 Springfield Armory CMP M1D Garand Sniper

Excellent, correct and original M1D sniper which was likely auctioned by CMP in the late 1980s or 1990s, pics show all and easy enough to confirm with CMP. Bore EX, just came from estate!

Fully serviceable and original, optics have a couple of flecks which is common, not fired much at all, tiny scratch here and there, couple of dings to stock. (see pic)

With accessories shown. You'll never have to worry about the originality of this one and comes with lifetime guarantee from HPCo!


US M1 Carbine Upper Handguards

NOS (New, Old Stock) by 1940-1950s USGI contractor, taken from original packaging, used by US Army arsenals/armorers

Condition as shown (new- maybe a little scuff from storage/movement), hardwood with the small metal parts, as issued, no markings

Birch. Perfect for restorations, reenactors, etc!. Sold "each".

Sold Out

WWII Savage NRA MATCH .22 Training Rifle

GD-VG example, 85% bluing, strong bore, hard to find training rifle patented in 1917

Stock has dings, and only other flaw is missing rear sight (easy find/fix, 2 screws).

Nice piece to fill out that US WW2 collection!



Email darrin@historicalparts.com if ordering and it will be reserved for 3 days. Payment to:

HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, TX. 76524


I guarantee every item we sell. Every deal. Every single time. You have my word on it!

W. Darrin Weaver

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