G/K43 Insurance and Asset Appraisal Service

By W. Darrin Weaver, author of "Hitler's Garands: German Self-Loading Rifles of WW II"

Need an appraisal to document the value of your high-dollar G43, K43 or ZF4 Sniper Rig?

It's a well known fact that insurance companies frequently under-value firearms when adjusting claims. Many adjustors are simply ignorant of the collectible firearms market and assume that one rifle is about the same as another. This misconception can be thwarted with a written appraisal. German WW2 Gewehr and Karabiner 43s and their scopes and mounts can frequently command four figures or more in todays market. You may have purchased it in 1970 for $65, but what is it worth in todays market? And furthermore, what would it cost today to replace it if it were damaged in a house fire, stolen or lost?

For a nominal fee, you can obtain a written appraisal of the value of your G/K43 collection, to include scopes, mounts and accessories. The information you provide will be personally reviewed by the author, and an appraisal will be written and signed by the author and forwarded to you. The appraisal may be used for any number of reasons: insurance adjustments, wills, or simply to obtain some idea of a firearms value prior to selling on the current market.

An example of a written appraisal of your G41, G43, K43 + scopes and mounts that can individually written for you for safe keeping and piece of mind.

Read more about the book and the author as printed on the dust jacket flaps. This page will appear as a photocopy on the reverse of your individual written appraisal!

First, click on the below links and print out as many individual forms you may require. You will need to fill out a separate survey form for each firearm, scope or mount you wish to be included in the appraisal. Once you have answered all of the information for each rifle or item, place them in an envelope and mail to the below address. The fee for each appraisal of your collection is a reasonable $24.99. This amount covers all of your individual rifles and items, whether 1 rifle or 20 rifles, scopes, mounts, etc. For large collections over 20 items, please email for best pricing.


Survey Form for G41M and G41W appraisal

Survey Form for G43/K43 appraisal

Survey Form for ZF4 SCOPE appraisal

Survey Form for MOUNT appraisal


Send forms and payment (Check or Money Order) to:

W. Darrin Weaver (HPCo-Appraisal),
Post Office Box 69,
Eddy, Texas, 76524 USA

Learn more about German Self-Loading Rifles such as the FSK, G41, G43, and K43: Hitler's Garands: German Self-Loading Rifles of WWII


Email darrin@historicalparts.comif ordering and it will be reserved for 3 days. Payment to:

HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, TX. 76524


I guarantee every item we sell. Every deal. Every single time. You have my word on it!

W. Darrin Weaver

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