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While serving in Iraq on missions, I acquired some interesting artifacts and pieces of militaria. Between missions, I developed a number of relationships with several respected militaria and antiquities dealers with connections to the families of former detained, exiled and deceased Ba'athist Party members and Generals. All were vetted by MNCI, all transactions were recorded and documented on DD Form 603-1 "capture papers", approved and shipped to the US in full accordance with US and Iraqi laws and MNCI rules and regulations. We'll just leave it that.

TERMS: Payment may be made in cash (US$), personal check or money order and mailed to the below address but all must clear prior to shipment: HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, TX. 76524-0069. You may also pay with a credit card- email us your full name and email address and we will invoice you via our bank's safe and secure credit card processor- but we ask you to add an additional 3% to your order if you choose this option. In addition, Texas residents must give the Grim Reaper his 0.0825% sales tax, and shipping is a flat $10.40 Priority Mail within the United States  (As good Americans, we use the US Postal Service with insurance and tracking for all non-firearm transactions).

Foreign Sales: All sales and payments from outside of the United States must be made via credit card via invoice with our credit card processor. We do not do bank wire transfers. Please email for the exact cost of shipping for your item(s). Also, some parcels occasionally get "hung up" in the buyer's local Customs/Zoll office for days or weeks at a time- we just ask you to be patient while awaiting your order from overseas as this is not within our control. The new ITAR Treaty is becoming problematic for overseas shipments.



Cased Wisam al-Rafidain/Order of the Two Rivers, 2nd Class (Neck Order)

Civilian/Party/Diplomatic version (no swords), awarded to the likes of government ministers, foreign leaders such as Hosni Mubarak

Very Good condition, in silk lined case, gold plated with red/blue enamel, made by "Arthus Bertrand, Paris", missing the lapel ribbon.

Will provide original DD Form 603-1 (less SSN#s). Don't have any particular leader/provenance to tie this to- worthy of more research!


Iran-Iraq War "Martyr" Plaque

Presented by the Saddam Hussein government to families of soldiers killed in the war with Iran. Reminder of one of the most horrific wars in recent memory which saw the use of poison gas, trench warfare and children being marched across battlefields to clear the way for troops

Stamped metal with golden gilt finish. 6 1/4" diameter, hollow back. Depicts olive tree, Iraqi flag, and AK47 rifle. Have several, all in about the same GD condition as shown, most with wall hanger on reverse

Displays very well, authentic!!


Saddam Hussein Bronze/cased Presentation Table Medal

Depicts Saddam on front, heavy bronze two-piece construction, nice faux leather case, velvet and silk lined.

These were presented by the dictator himself to loyalists.Unfortunately missing the little sterling silver coin from the set, but otherwise very neat!


Iraqi 20 Dinar Banknote

Depicts Saddam in full uniform on front, watermarked with his likeness, reverse shows heroic scene

Have several, all in VG-uncirculated condition, defunct now, authentic Ba'athist currency!

Sold each, will pick the best available at the time of your order!


Iraqi Army AK47/AKM Bayonet

Obtained in Mosul, have two left in stock, typical Yugoslavian production (the Yugos must have made a killing selling arms to Hussein and the Ba'athists)

Black scabbards, numbered to the blade (matching), VG condition!

Sold each, will pick the best available at the time of your order!


Iraqi King Faisal II Police Honor Service Medal

Dates from pre-Saddam era, awarded to police and internal security forces for General service

Have several, all in EX-New condition, pin back, authentic!

Highest quality!


Persion Gulf War (Desert Storm) "Victory" Medal

Medal awarded to troops that took part in what we know as Desert Storm. With Arabic writing the "Allah Akbar" or "God is Great" and under the crossed swords is Arabic "Mother of Battles"

Have several, all in EX-New condition, pin back, authentic!

Highest quality!



Email histpart@vvm.com if ordering and it will be reserved for 3 days. Payment to:

HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, TX. 76524


I guarantee every item we sell. Every deal. Every single time. You have my word on it!

W. Darrin Weaver

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Disclaimer-Owners and employees of The Historical Parts and Militaria Co. do not have any tolerance for fascists, apologists, neo-nazi's, or any hate groups. Items presented for sale are offered as purely historical military or political items only. We owe our grandfathers and fathers our deepest debt of gratitude for their sacrifices in bringing to a close the most sinister regimes in the history of mankind. God bless America!