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The Historical Parts and Militaria Company was founded in gun parts, and while we have evolved toward more of a collectable firearms and reference book focus- screws and springs are still our bread and butter. We have though along the way whittled our inventories down to just a select few makes and models, mirroring our own collector interest and expertise. Parts are described to the best of our abilities. Please note that all of these models are obsolete, parts are difficult to obtain and the profit margin is usually quite low. Parts can reserved by an email, but we can no longer accept Paypal for anything related to firearms. Thus, we require payment in cash, personal check or money order to be mailed to the below address but all must clear prior to shipment. All parts are sold in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Foreign sales possible, email for details. Minimum order is $10.00, Texas residents must give the Grim Reaper his 0.0825% sales tax, and shipping is a flat $6.90 for one or one hundred parts, less stocks which will require additional postage. As good Americans, we use the US Postal Service with insurance and tracking for all non-firearm transactions. All items are sold with a three-day inspection period and may be returned for a full refund (minus shipping costs) within that time if returned in the same packaging and condition as sent.

Foreign Sales: All sales and payments from outside of the United States must be mailed to the below address and made via cash (US$) sent to the below address or by means of Paypal.com. Please email for the exact cost of shipping for your item(s). Also, some parcels occasionally get "hung up" in the buyer's local Customs/Zoll office for days or weeks at a time- we just ask you to be patient while awaiting your order from overseas as this is not within our control.

WW2 German Mauser K98k Parts and Accessories

          WW2 German Mauser G41 Parts

          WW2 German Mauser G43 and K43 Parts

          WWI & II German P08 Parabellum Parts & Accessories

          Springfield 1903 and 1903A3 Parts

          Various Magazines and Clips Available

           Misc. Parts & Accessories Available

           Misc. Pistol Holsters Available

           Optics/Parts/Accessories Available


Email darrin@historicalparts.com.com if ordering and it will be reserved for 3 days. Payment to:

HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, TX. 76524


I guarantee every item we sell. Every deal. Every single time. You have my word on it!

W. Darrin Weaver

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Disclaimer-Owners and employees of The Historical Parts and Militaria Co. do not have any tolerance for fascists, apologists, neo-nazi's, or any hate groups. Items presented for sale are offered as purely historical military or political items only. We owe our grandfathers and fathers our deepest debt of gratitude for their sacrifices in bringing to a close the most sinister regimes in the history of mankind. God bless America!