Wanted for Personal Collection or Projects

Have something to sell below? Need money in a hurry?

This is supposed to be fun, right? Well, we have our own personal collections here at HPCo and ongoing projects as well. We are currently looking for the following:

WW2 Mauser 98k Rifles

"rln" marked ZFK43/1 late war scope

G43 ribbed buttplate, EX-Mint; G/K43 handguards x 3, EX-Mint

Authenic WWII German G/K43 stock, WaA359, early without serial number, EX-Mint (will trade a MINT WaA359, unnumbered late war stock set for same with the recoil lug a little fwd than the early type)

G41W stock, original with hold-open latch

G41 Front and rear bands, keeper and bayonet lug

Authenic WWII German 20 round K43 magazine

G41 magazine, real or repro, triggerguard and screws (just sold a set and ran into a couple of projects and now WE need two!)

Authenic or repro WWII German G41 stamped recoil rod and stock recoil assembly

Authenic WWII 5 arm ZF4 Rainshield

Authenic WWII Soviet SVT38 Tokarev (not SVT40)

Authenic WWII Italian Carcano with Grenade Launcher and other Italian (i.e. Breda) semi-automatic rifles

Again, the above items are wanted for personal collections not for resale and we'll pay nice prices for nice items- just tell us what you have and maybe ssend a couple of pics by email.

We are licensed FFL dealers and NRA Life Members. There are a couple of ways to sell. You can write us or e-mail us and we can dicker...You can even fax us!



HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, TX. 76524


I guarantee every item we sell. Every deal. Every single time. You have my word on it!

W. Darrin Weaver

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Disclaimer-Owners and employees of The Historical Parts and Militaria Co. do not have any tolerance for fascists, apologists, neo-nazi's, or any hate groups. Items presented for sale are offered as purely historical military or political items only. We owe our grandfathers and fathers our deepest debt of gratitude for their sacrifices in bringing to a close the most sinister regimes in the history of mankind. God bless America!