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424 pages, jam-packed with 558 illustrations, to include never-before published wartime photos of the VK98, VG1, VG2, VG3, VG4, Gustloff Volkssturmgewehr, Volkspistolen and more! The first ever English-language reference book devoted solely to the German last-ditch rifles and pistols of WW2. Examples of just some of the information provided:

Brief familiarization of the events leading up to and the formation of the German Home Guard, the Deutsche Volksstum, as well as the issues of providing uniforms, armbands and personal field gear.

Summary chapters on late-war K98 production, shortcuts and experiments, as well as the issue of hunting rifles, shotguns, captured foreign rifles, Panzerfausts and Panzerschrecks to the Volkssturm.

The Volksgewehre Programm is discussed and further chapters cover the Walther VG1, Spreewerke VG2, and Rheinmetall VG3 rifles.

Subsequent chapters on further late-war Mauser projects and their own VG4 rifle.

Chapter 11 covers the Steyr VK98 (aka: VG5) with subsequent chapters discussing the Gustloff Volkssturmgewehr (aka: VG 1-5), and interesting rifles produced by Hessische-Industrie-Werke, Wetzlar.

Further chapters discuss the various Stens and German-made copies of the Sten, both the Geräte Potsdam and Neumünster (aka: MP3008), as well as machineguns issued to the Volkssturm.

Chapter 15 covers the various late-war production shortcuts in pistol manufacture, DIW, CZ and Mauser experiments with simple, stamped revolvers and both the Mauser and Walther Volkspistolen.

Summary of Volkssturm performance and the process of providing the organization with small arms, and particularly, Volksgewehre. The book concludes with a number of summary tables and appendices covering estimated production numbers, personalities, specifications, Lead Firms, and more!


"Desperate Measures: Last-Ditch Weapons of the Nazi Volkssturm" is available now! Copies may be ordered at that time from the author directly by sending $129.99 + $15.50 shipping (Priority Mail) or $6.70 (book rate) via personal check or money order to the same address. Texas residents, please add 0.0825% sales tax. If you want the author to sign the book on the title page, please specify to whom and what sort of inscription is desired). If sending payment by mail, please send to:

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