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NEW!! Rough Forged, A History and Collector's Guide to German Self-Loading Rifles of World War II

By W. Darrin Weaver, 2021. New, signed by author.

Rough Forged is the expansive revision of the author's 2000 text and covers the history and development of German self-loading rifles starting from the late 1800s, to World War One, the inter-war years, through to the Gewehr 41, Gewehr 43 and Karabiner 43 rifles, optics and accessories of World War II!

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An Encyclopedia of German Tradenames and Trademarks 1900-1945

By W. Darrin Weaver, 2011. New, signed by author.

Illustrates and explains hundreds of prominent tradenames and trademarks from German small arms, optical and edgeware companies from 1900-1945!

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Kunststoffe: A Collector's Guide to WWII German Plastics and their Markings

By W. Darrin Weaver, 2008. New, signed by author.

Covers WWII production, types, markings and codes. Loaded with photos and original lists of manufacturers, types, and markings!

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Desperate Measures: The Last-Ditch Weapons and Eqipment of the Nazi Volkssturm

By W. Darrin Weaver, 2005. New, signed by author.

Only about a dozen copies left before it'll be out of print. Discusses the Volkswaffen Programm, and all German Volksgewehre, such as the VK98, VG1, VG2, MP3008, Volkspistole, MGs, Panzerfaust and others

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Mauser Pistolen: Development and Production 1877-1946

OUT OF PRINT! By W. Darrin Weaver, Jon Speed and Walter Schmid, 2008, New, signed by Mr. Weaver

Covers all aspects of pre-1945 pistol development and production at Mauser Oberndorf to include many rare or never-before seen documents and period photos.


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Hitler's Garands: German Self-Loading Rifles of WWII

By W. Darrin Weaver, 2001. New, signed by author.

Covers all aspects of early German self-loaders, the G41W, G41M, G43, K43, ZF4 and accessories.

OUT OF PRINT. Look for expanded, color revision in 2020

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